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Did you know that our tides are becoming higher with stronger rip tides forming? The unpredictable weather and increasing wind speeds are partly responsible

. PLEASE WARN HOLIDAY MAKERS to take special care when swimming in the sea and the river mouth. Whilst the river water around the island is high due to the rains and mouth closure, it is safe for swimming; the water around the Charles Street Bridge area is still possibly polluted. For the latest information please contact the museum. The river mouth is presently open (September 2015).

1) POWER BOATS larger than 3 hp are not allowed to operate on the sea side of the railway bridge or above the Charles Street Bridge

2) The WOLWEDANS DAM is no longer accessible from the walking trail which is in poor condition. Maps are available from the Info office. No picnicking is allowed at the dam.

3) From the Burger 25th November 2010, Eugene Gunning reports "The Eden district municipality is trying to get international status for GEORGE AIRPORT. This is part of a larger attempt to attract more foreign tourists and investment from Asia and Pacific Ocean countries in particular. Eden mayor advocate Faried Stemmet said in an interview on Wednesday that plans are still at an early stage - but that plans are definitely on the table".


Wolwedans Dam

The Department of Water Affairs and Forestry reports that during the last week in July 2017, our Wolwedans dam water level was more than 79 % full.

On the 10th March 2011, after a severe local drought water restrictions were eventually lifted. Whilst we have had fairly good rains since then, the remainder of the Western Cape is experiancing heavy drought conditions.

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