2011 Heritage Society News

Wednesday June 22nd 2011.     More than seventy supporters and visitors of Heritage Mossel Bay attended the AGM which took place on the 22nd June and the past committee was re-elected for the April 2011-March 2012 year.

  1. Chairperson            Jack van der Lecq
  2. Vice Chair               Rene’ de Kock
  3. Secretary                Nisde McRobert
  4. Treasurer                Pieter van Reenen
  5. Comunications         Rob Phillips
  6. Finance                   Peter van Reenen
  7. Committee: Father Ted Schurr, Rodney McRobert, Pieter Joubert, Adelai Alberts.

Andrew Hall the CEO of Heritage Western Cape provided the keynote speach during which he outlined the requirements for heritage registration. Should any reader require further information please contact Jack van der Lecq on 044-620-4220.

Photograph shows from left to right; Jack van der Lecq, Andrew Hall, Rob Phillips and David Shearing.


Friday June the 10th 2011. At last after more than five years of court battles and many postponements, the unsightly half finished third floor of ‘Elgin House’ is in the process of demolition.






This ‘site for sore eyes’ at the bottom end of Marsh Street near to the Point is at last being re-worked so that the unfinished third floor brickwork can be removed and replaced by the correct roof structure. The adjacent historic ‘St Blaize Terrace’ residents will no longer be overlooked by the incomplete construction.

Heritage Mossel Bay has fought long and hard to ensure that our heritage buildings are not dwarfed and encroached by modern structures and the champagne flowed after winning the battle to obtain justice. The retention of our existing old buildings is very important to Mossel Bay as without them much of our heritage will be lost.

Many architects complain that these old stone buildings with their small windows are not suitable for modernisation. This is so far from reality and one can modernise much of the interior without disturbing the buildings external salient features. Before considering that a historic stone building is unsuitable for redevelopment, please arrange a consultation with the Heritage Societies’ architects to explore and discuss the matter in detail. The chairman Jack van der Lecq is always available and may be contacted on telephone number 044-620-4220


Wolwedans Dam

The Department of Water Affairs and Forestry reports that during the last week in July 2017, our Wolwedans dam water level was more than 79 % full.

On the 10th March 2011, after a severe local drought water restrictions were eventually lifted. Whilst we have had fairly good rains since then, the remainder of the Western Cape is experiancing heavy drought conditions.

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